Carryion Portable unit


3" MCI DBI Cell

Carryion Portable unit

The Carryion with MCI™ Multi-Cluster Ionization Technology is designed to provide portable air purification in small spaces up to 3,200 cubic feet. 

Powered by a 3.5 ft. USB-C/USB-A cord, the Carryion can give you a cleaner living environment wherever you go.  It's simply a healthier alternative to air and surface sanitization, especially for those who are concerned about allergies.  

Pair it with our PocketJuice Slim PRO Battery Pack for even greater portability! 


The 6" tall portable Carryion unit is ideal for a variety of small spaces, such as:

  • Automobiles
  • Home office
  • Bedrooms
  • Hotel rooms
  • Any small, enclosed space needing purification

When used in a vehicle, the Carryion unit will fit in most standard-sized cup holders (ideal depth of up to 2").  The device is also equipped with an automatic shut-off fuel-saving feature.  

When used in a room environment, the best placement for the Carryion unit is on top of a desk, countertop, or bookshelf at least 3 feet above the ground or higher.  

Features & Specifications

Technology: Exclusive MCI™ Multi-Cluster Ionization Technology

  • Includes 1 DBI (dielectric barrier ionizer) Cell 
  • Purifies the air and surfaces
  • Attacks mold, bacteria & viruses

Unit: Small, Compact, Mobile/Portable purification device

  • Dimensions: 6" H x 2.75" W
  • Weight: 8 oz.
  • Effective area: up to 3,200 cubic feet
  • Quiet DC Brushless Fan (DC 12V - 0.10A)
  • DBI Cell security clip included

Power: When the unit is turned on, the MCI DBI cell will glow blue in color and the fan will run

  • Power: USB-C/USB-A 3.5 ft. power cord
    • 5-volt input/output power source
    • Plug into a USB-A adapter for electrical power outlet
    • Plug into a portable 5-volt battery
  • May be run for short periods of time or continuously
  • Carryion requires 5V/2.1A

Maintenance: Simply clean with compressed air or vacuum to remove lint or dust that may accumulate 

  • Internal / External Components: Minimal cleaning required
  • Do not use any liquids to clean the MCI DBI cell

Warranty: 1-Year limited Standard Warranty

MCI™ Multi-Cluster Ionization & DBI Technology

MCI™ (Multi-Cluster Ionization) technology uses active air purification technology to propel aggressive ionized hydroxyl oxidizers and the trademarked multi-cluster ions into your space, effectively destroying mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the odors associated with them in the air and on surfaces.

Our trademarked MCI™ technology was awarded the HM Innovative Award at the 2014 International ASHRAE Convention because of its unique characteristics and effectiveness in neutralizing or destroying airborne and surface contaminants.  MCI™ technology is measurable and, by all testing standards, completely safe for humans and animals, in every indoor environment, providing cleaner air and surfaces.  When used as part of a holistic solutions protocol, MCI™ provides a comfortable, healthier indoor air environment

Advanced Dielectric Barrier Ionizer (DBI) Cell:  The patented DBI technology not only destroys biological contaminates traveling through the cell, but it produces a purifying plasma which breaks down odors, mold, bacteria, and viruses throughout the area.  Dielecric Barrier Ionization reactors have been proven to reduce dangerous pathogens by over 99% in 24 hours or less.  While great for eliminating odors the technology also eliminates germs, fungi, and allergens, and breaks down more than 200 hazardous chemicals.  

NOTICE: This product Does not meet California air cleaner regulation (UL 2998) requirements: cannot be shipped to California.

For Product Support/Repair:  Please file a support ticket or call 1.800.728.7206



$ 349.00