DIY Mold Screening Kit (2 Swabs)


DIY Mold Screening Kit (2 Swabs)

DIY MOLD Screening Kit (2 cultures per kit)

Do you have ALLERGIES?  Do you know what it is you're allergic to? 

MOLD & MILDEW are two types of allergens that you may want, or even be required, to verify are not present in your home. This simple do-it-yourself mold screening kit gives you the opportunity to test the quality of your indoor air and know, once and for all, what types of contamination you may be breathing in, what might be the consequences, and recommendations for relief.

  • Find out what kind of germs are living with you and your family!
  • Tiny microbes are all around us, but some of them are allergens!
  • Know for sure what you're fighting and get suggestions on how to cope with the problem!

Don't guess any longer. The kit is inexpensive, the process is simple, and the results are accurate.  

Kit Price Includes:
  • 2 Capped Sterile surface dry swabs  
  • Information / Instructions sheet
  • Lab Report

Sterile surface swabs are an easy way to sample suspect areas for mold contamination. Simply swab the suspect area and submit to a laboratory where the sample will be cultured and the type of mold identified. Each swab comes in an easy to use container for sampling, transport and storage.

Shelf life:  Swabs carry a 2-year shelf life. There is an expiration date label on the swab itself.


$ 99.00