About Best Living Systems LLC

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Best Living Systems - Air Purification and Filtration Technologies for People who like to breathe

Established in 1996 as IAQ Solutions of Tampa, FL, Best Living Systems, LLC has evolved into a global provider of high-quality air purification technologies. Our trademarked MCI™ (multi-cluster ionization) technology is at the heart of our innovative air purification equipment, catering to HVAC, IAQ, and Mold industry professionals.

In 2002, we broadened our portfolio to include drinking water technologies and rebranded as Louisiana Environmental Technologies. Despite not being a fully operational retail Internet-based business at the time, we remained committed to providing effective solutions at competitive prices. By 2004, Best Living Systems, LLC had evolved into a global enterprise with an expanded range of offerings that included lab testing equipment and chemicals. Many of these products are still available under private labels for Best Living Systems, LLC.  In 2006, we established a manufacturing facility to cater to our growing product range and invested in research and development resources to further enhance our air purification and filtration technologies.  In 2010, we achieved a significant milestone by obtaining an EPA Registration Number. This enabled us to develop chemical products specifically for the mold and Chinese Drywall industry.

Today, in 2024, Best Living Systems, LLC remains committed to sourcing high-quality products at reasonable prices for both professionals and homeowners and continues to foster strategic partnerships with manufacturers worldwide to develop and market environmentally safe and effective products through our web-based outlet. To ensure a comprehensive solution for indoor air quality (IAQ), we also distribute the 90DayFilter and EnzyMagic201 all-purpose enzyme cleaner. This holistic approach has earned us Honorable Mention Innovative Awards from ASHRAE at their international conventions.

MCI™ (Multi-cluster Ionization) Technology - a Best Living Systems Exclusive

MCI™ (Multi-cluster Ionization) is a trademarked technology (USR Reg. 4,320,186) owned by Best Living Systems, LLC and has become the next generation of PCO (Photo-catalytic Oxidation) that had its beginning in the late 1970’s. By combining proven technologies (PCO, DBI, Filtration, Ionization and others), MCI™ takes a holistic synergistic approach to improving indoor air quality by designing products for specific applications. Through the years many companies have performed efficacy and safety studies/testing on these various components and it has resulted in some improvement. In many cases those studies were peer-reviewed and conducted, by commission, by independent laboratories and Universities.

Only Best Living Systems, LLC provides the trademarked, and award-winning MCI™ technology. The components of this enhanced synergistic approach have proven their effectiveness, efficacy and safety for decades but only now, since combined, have these technologies reached a point where increasing its cleaning power is possible. Many attempts have been made to reconfigure the target, increase or decrease the intensity of the bulb, lengthen or shorten the target plate, utilize a different coating, etc. and these have resulted in slight increases in its ability to be effective. However, once the actual real kill mechanism was understood (the multi-cluster ions), and when working in synergy with dielectric barrier ionization, improvements could be made to this proactive technology.

In conclusion, MCI™ technolog is the combining of multiple components to produce a synergistic technology that is more efficacious than any individual component, and is a unique, proactive, award-winning and wholistic approach to cleaning both the air/surfaces of indoor contaminants.  Whether in an HVAC induct probe, ceiling-mounted, or free standing unit these technologies reduce and/or eliminate mold, mildew, bacteria, particulates and VOCs from our breathing space creating cleaner and healthier indoor environments.