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BacShield Case (5 Pints)

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BacShield Case
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BacShield Case (5 Pints)

BacShield (Surface Protectant) 5-Pint Case

  • 1 Pint is a 21:1 concentrate, making up to 3 ready-to-use gallons!
  • 1 Case of 5 pints will make up to 14 ready-to-use gallons!
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  BacShield is intended as a treatment, giving anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection to the treated materials. BacShield inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi that cause odor, stains, discoloration, decay, and deterioration.  

EPA No. 81446-NC-001


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About BacShield

BacShield Inhibits the Growth of Odor-Causing Bacteria, Mold and Mildew

BacShield is an antimicrobial, and is EPA-Registered for contol of odor-causing microbes. 

  • BacShield's Main Active Ingredient is Chitosan.

BacShield is a product of modified carbohydrates found in crab shells (chitosan), a plentiful renewable resource. The proteins responsible for causing allergic reactions have been removed, meaning BacShield is hypoallergenic and will not trigger shellfish allergic reactions. Chitosan is a truly green technology that is effective as an “antimicrobial for textiles and surfaces by inhibiting the growth and odor from bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi,” according to the EPA, and has proven to be effective as a “bacteria growth inhibitor.”   

BacShield incorporates the environmentally derived antimicrobial properties of these crab shells into a treatment for textiles and surfaces.  Chitosan works by reacting with the surface of bacterial cell walls, forming an impermeable layer which prevents the transport of ions and molecules, effectively destroying the bacteria. 

BacShield is intended as a treatment to give antimicrobial and antifungal protection to the treated materials, and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi that cause odor, stains, discoloration, decay and deterioration of the treated materials.  BacShield will make the surfaces easier to clean and keep those surfaces clean much longer than without this treatment.   

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

BacShield provides lasting protection between cleanings

BacShield, which is water-resistent when dry, imparts persistent antibacterial/antimicrobial properties to treated areas, "filling the gap" between cleanings by protecting items during use.

Easily applied by soaking or spraying on the surface after cleaning

  • Controls the source of odors instead of covering up odors
  • Treated materials are resistant to odor and decay caused by growth of bacteria, mold and mildew

Protection against odor and decay for multiple indoor and outdoor surfaces:

  • Professional apparel & Equipment
  • Athletic apparel & Equipment
  • Vehicle Interiors
  • Home/Commercial Textiles & Furnishings
  • Fencing, decking, vinyl siding, other external surfaces
Normal Dilution ratios

      BacShield concentrated solution should be mixed with water at a 21:1 ratio

      • 1 Pint of solution will make up to 3 ready-to-use gallons
      • 1 gallon of solution will make up to 22 ready-to-use gallons 
      • Shelf life: 2 years

      The normal dilution should be used when treating very porous materials and you can thoroughly dry the materials.

      • 1.5 oz Bac-Shield per 32-oz of solution 
      • 6 oz Bac-Shield per 1-gallon of solution

      For mold & mildew prevention use 6-9 ounces of BacShield per 1-gallon of solution.  



      Q: Can you provide some estimates for coverage on porous and non-porous surfaces?

      A: One general rule to remember is that we need to have complete coverage, so the goal is to form the 'shield'.

      For mold & mildew prevention, use 6-9 oz of BacShield per 1-gallon of concentrate.

      • MASONRY 
        • One end of the spectrum includes porous (absorptive) surfaces such as concrete or other masonry applications.
        • One gallon of solution will cover approximately 270 square feet of surface area.
      • WOOD
        • Wood (unpainted or otherwise unfinished) falls somewhere in the middle of porous and non-porous
        • One gallon of solution would treat approximately 500 square feet of surface area.
      • VINYL
        • Vinyl and other non-porous substrates can be treated at a rate of approximately 750 square feet per gallon of solution.

      Q: Does the product tend to run on vertical hard surfaces such as concrete, vinyl siding, etc.?

      A: Yes. The viscosity of the solution is very low, not much higher than water.

      Q: Would we approach it as a fog application (9 to 11 spray tip) or a paint application (15 to 17 spray tip)?

      A: A fine spray is very desirable for both coverage and to minimize runoff. Each applicator can decide which method works best for them.

        Storage & Handling
        • Storage Temperature: 5-50°F is recommended
        • Shelf Life: 2 Years
        • Store in dry place at ambient temperature. 
        • Keep containers covered to prevent contamination. 
        • Non-Flammable
        • BacShield is considered non-hazardous under the criteria of the Federal OSHA Hazard 

        *Distributors of products containing BacShield WS4 may not make claims of antimicrobial activity other than the protection of the treated material against the growth of bacterial, mold, mildew and fungi in or on the treated product. See 40 C. F. R. 152.25(a) for further guidance about treated article claims.

        EPA No. 81446-NC-001