IAQ PSP Assessment Kit (Complete)


IAQ PSP Assessment Kit (Complete)

PSP- Indoor Air Quality Assessment DIY Kit (Complete)

This Complete IAQ Assessment Kit is designed to help homeowners assess their environment through the Test-Assess-Remedy process. 

When you purchased this kit, you will automatically be connected to a NORMI Professional Screening Partner (PSP) who has been specifically trained to help you complete this analysis and draw conclusions regarding recommendations to improve the indoor air quality of your specific environment. 

Complete Assessment Kit Includes: 

  • Assessment Booklet (full-color, 34 pages, all needed paperwork)
  • One mold swab 
  • One dust wipe
  • One Pair of Gloves 
  • One Ziplock Bag for Mailing Samples
  • One Instruction Sheet
  • One IAQ Survey Brochure
  • One Chain of Custody
  • One pre-paid Shipping Label
  • Register Samples Online (lab fees included)


$ 159.00



Sample Procedures

NexLab is an A2LA accredited biological testing facility that specializes in environmental analysis.


MAILING ADDRESS: NEXLAB Environmental, LLC 3400 Lakeside Drive, Suite 525, Miramar, FL  33027

Samples submitted should preferably be packaged in a zip-lock bag to avoid damage or contamination and always need to be accompanied by a physical Chain of Custody (COC) document. We will provide this COC document to you in an email shortly after your registration. You can also download and print the COC document from our website www.nexlabenvironmental.com in the DOWNLOADS section.  

  • For samples taken with a cassette, write the cassette number of the sample on the indicated space on the COC.
  • For samples taken with a swab, write the room or area of the premises where the sample was taken both on the swab and on the COC.
  • For samples taken with a tape slide, write the room or area of the premises where the sample was taken both on the tape slide and on the COC.

We receive samples from FedEx daily, and delivery is scheduled twice a day at 10:30AM and at 2:30PM. Upon receipt of samples via FedEx we will send you an email to confirm receipt.

Turn-Around Time:

We are open from 9:00am – 6:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Our aim is to provide prompt, accurate service with the goal of same-day turn-around. However, at times samples received after 5:00 PM may not have results ready and the report issued until the next business day.

Report Attachment:

We attach supplemental information at the end of the reports regarding the mold samples we analyzed, the symptoms they may cause in people, as well as what they look like microscopically.


Unless you’ve purchase products and services directly from our website and have paid online, billing will be done online through QuickBooks. We will email your bill at the end of every week and you can pay online; all bills are due the Wednesday of the following week.

NexLab is a bilingual facility: Si le hace falta esta información en español, llámenos al número (786) 231-6006.