90DayFilter 1 Case of 24 Specialty Sizes


90DayFilter 1 Case of 24 Specialty Sizes

The 90DayFilter by BLS is the perfect compliment to your sanitization protocol!

Combining good air filtration in with good air purification provides a synergistic, holistic approach to improving indoor air quality.  This MERV 7, 1"-thick filter is a true 90-day filter because it has an anti-microbial applied to the "downstream" side of the filter to reduce mold, bacteria, and the odors associated with them.

  • 1" thick, 90-day filter
  • 24 individual, same-size filters to a case (6-Year Supply!)
  • MERV 7 ASHRAE rated standard
  • Tri-Dek© anti-microbial treatment
  • NO Cardboard, Edge-to-Edge design

The unique design of the BLS 90DayFilter provides an internal frame sandwiched between two layers of anti-microbial treated MERV 7 media allowing free airflow that will not strain your air conditioner and side-to-side flush edges to ensure that all the air is filtered and treated.  This filter keeps your air conditioning system cleaner AND reduces the possibility of mold and mildew growth on the duct system. 

  • No cardboard frame to warp or become a food source for mold and bacteria
  • No 20% blow-by that allows air to go untreated and unfiltered
  • Each filter will last for three months (or more in clean environments)
 24 individual, same-size filters to a case. 

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  • MERV 7 ASHRAE rated standard
  • NORMI© approved anti-microbial treatment
  • Internal frame eliminates paper cardboard
  • Edge-to-edge design for a perfect fit
  • Disposable every 90 days
  • Easy to install, fits every time


  • Provides adequate airflow with less restriction on HVAC system
  • Eliminates bio-nesting of micro-organisms
  • Eliminates blow-by so all the air is filtered
  • Sturdy internal frame eliminates warping
  • Standard, Premium, and Specialty sizes available

[ 90DFCS-24S-1000 ]

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