MCI™ PTAC (1 DBI cell)


MCI™ PTAC (1 DBI cell)

Designed to install in tight places utilizing MCI™ (multi-cluster ionization) to destroy microbes and provide a cleaner, safer and healthier environment.

Ideal for Hospitality, Hospital & Mobile Applications

This air purification product was designed specifically for PTAC/ETAC, ductless minisplit, and other HVAC systems where installation space is limited.

  • Model MCI™ PTAC 110V 
  • Size/Weight Unit Size: 9”W x 4”H x 5”D
  • Unit Weight: 1 lb.
  • Electrical: 110V/240V 12V
  • Ozone Output: Negligible from DBI cell
  • HVAC Size: Suitable for PTAC/ETAC models up to 500CFM
  • Warranty: Lifetime on socket, 3-yr on DBI cell

Trademarked MCI™ (Multi-cluster Ionization) technology has been tested by independent third party laboratories and proven to be efficacious in reducing particulates and microbes while improving odors in indoor environments.

EPA No. 87947-AR-1

NOTICE: This product Does not meet California air cleaner regulation (AB 2276) requirements: cannot be shipped to California.

For Product Support/Repair:  Please file a support ticket or call 1.800.728.7206



$ 300.00