MCI™ Transport


MCI™ Transport

The surface mounted MCI™ Transport is designed to improve indoor air quality by dealing with pollutants in a proactive way. The MCI™ Transport sanitizer produces aggressive ionized oxidizers and trademarked multi-cluster ions that are then distributed throughout the mobile environment.

This trademarked MCI™ Multi-cluster Ionization Technology, using an enhanced output, represents the newest generation of pro-active air purification, is completely safe, unlike high levels of ozone, and effectively destroys mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, odors, vola-tile organic compounds (VOCs) and the odors associated with them in the air and on surfaces.

When used as part of a holistic solutions protocol, the MCI™ Transport sanitizer provides a comfortable and germ-free environment in buses, RVs, ambulances and other mobile environments. This particular air purifier is designed to cover approximately 1500 cubic feet depending on the level of contamination.

  • Ball bearing brushless quiet blower motor.
  • Exclusive MCI™(Multi-Cluster Ionization) technology to attack mold, bacteria, VOCs and odors.
  • Power ON light indicator for easy maintenance of MCI+ cell.
  • MERV7 annual replacement filter to meet ASHRAE 52.2 Standard.
  • Universal AC/DC power supply plugs to either 110V or 12V.
  • Energy efficient low voltage operation.
  • Unique design provides maximum coverage for conditioned space.
  • Stainless steel shell for durability (color selection available on quantity orders)
  • RVs, Ambulances, Buses and other mobile units where durability and security are needed
  • Electrical (cUL, and FCC Compliant)
  • Ozone Output: none with MCI+ technology
  • 120V/60Hz converted to 12V low voltage, 14W power consumption
  • Trademarked MCI™Multi-cluster Ionization Technology
  • MERV7 Filter

EPA No. 87947-AR-1

NOTICE: This product Does not meet California air cleaner regulation (AB 2276) requirements: cannot be shipped to California.

For Product Support/Repair:  Please file a support ticket or call 1.800.728.7206



$ 1,580.00