MCI SynAIRgPure™ 2.0 HVAC Probe


MCI SynAIRgPure™ 2.0 HVAC Probe

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NOTICE: This product Does not meet California air cleaner regulation (AB 2276) requirements: cannot be shipped to California.

New & Improved features!

  • PCO Cell/lamp twists 90 degrees
  • Robust, Vented Ballast - no more over-heating!
  • Two power indicator lights on the front (one for DBI cell, one for PCO cell)
  • Powered by connection to 24VAC (not thermostat circuit) from HVAC System or 24VDC from 100-240VAC transformer (included)

Proactive Technology Attacks Pollutants in the air and on surfaces 

The HVAC mounted MCI™ SynAIRgPure 2.0 is designed to be a fully customizable probe to provide the power you need for any environment. The probe produces aggressive ionized oxidizers (without producing ozone) and trade-marked MCI™ multi-cluster ions that are then distributed throughout the indoor environment cleaning the internal HVAC equipment, ductwork, and ultimately the air and surfaces indoors.  MCI™ Multi-Cluster Ionization technology is completely safe for humans and animals and effectively destroys mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, odors, volatile organic com pounds (VOCs and mVOCs) the odors associated with them.

This Trademarked MCI™ (Multi-cluster Ionization) Technology uses an enhanced output PCO (UV photo-catalytic oxidation with enhanced quad-metallic coatings) and can be super-charged with the addition of the patented dielectric barrier ionizer to increase its cleaning power to reduce microbials, particulates and VOCs. The synergistic combination of effective components is the key to its operation.  MCI™ Multi-Cluster Ionization technology is so effective that it does not require ozone to reach efficacy. Ozone producing UV lamps are an optional upgrade.


The MCI SynAIRgPure™ 2.0 HVAC Probe is designed to be fully customizable to provide the power you need for your environment.  The basic residential unit (16K) can be customized to the load level of the environment and converted to a more powerful residential or commercial unit with the addition of DBI cells.   

  • Customizable at time of purchase from 16K ft³ up to 40K ft³ 
  • Upgrade an existing unit from 16K ft³ up to 40K ft³ 
  • Capable of cleaning Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Environments

Customization details:

  • Basic 16K = Enhanced PCO cell only
    • 1-3 tons air handler
    • 400cfm-1200cfm airflow
    • 16,000 cubic feet living space (2,000 square feet, assuming 8' ceiling)
    • unit length: 9 inches
  • Upgrade to 24K = Enhanced PCO cell + 1 DBI cell
    • Add 1 DBI cell to convert the basic unit into a 24K unit
    • 3-5 tons air handler
    • 1200cfm-2000cfm airflow
    • 24,000 cubic feet living space (3,000 square feet, assuming 8' ceiling)
    • unit length: 9 inches
  • Upgrade to 40K = Enhanced PCO cell + 2 DBI cells
    • Add 2 DBI cells to convert into a 40K unit
    • 5-10 tons air handler
    • 2000cfm-4000cfm airflow
    • 40,000 cubic feet living space (5,000 square feet, assuming 8' ceiling)
    • unit length: 13 inches

The DBI cell (Dielectric Barrier Ionizer) produces aggressive ionized oxidizers (without producing ozone) and mult-clustered ions that are then distributed throughout the indoor environment to clean air and surfaces.  While great for eliminating odors, it also eliminates germs, fungus, and allergens, and breaks down more than 200 hazardous chemicals.    

PCO (Photo-Catalytic Oxidation) Technology promotes a process that turns moisture in the environment into products that continuously clean your space.  The PCO cell with UV lamp is great for getting rid of VOC's and significantly increases the amount of area that may be covered by this product, however, actual coverage is dependent on many variables including, but not limited to:  air flow, cubic footage, contamination level, surface finishes, age of the structures, air infiltration, and supply distribution. 

Features & Benefits


Ideal for any indoor environment where air quality is a concern, such as:

  • Residential Homes 
  • Schools, Day Care facilities
  • Business facilities
  • Nursing homes, Hospitals
  • Large Commercial Environments
  • Recreational spaces (art/dance/music studios, Condos)
  • RV's, Motor Homes


Cleans your environment - and the System

  • Helps keep duct systems free from contaminants (increasing oxidizers may be needed for harsh environments)
  • Reduces Bio-nesting
  • Eliminates/reduces mold, bacteria, and the odors associated with them
  • Provides a cleaner “A” coil and, therefore, provides more Energy Efficiency (in return plenum)
  • Reduces “A” coil cleaning and maintenance (25,000 hr. Lamp and Dielectric Barrier Ionization Cells)
  • Provides less frequent filter changes
Installation Recommendations

This unit is designed to be installed into an existing HVAC system, and used as a virtually maintenance-free enhancement to current air purification technology.  The unit should be installed after the air handler in the HVAC system in the supply plenum sized to match the HVAC equipment coverage area. 

An additional pureAir HVAC unit is recommended in the Return Plenum for added protection and to help keep the internal HVAC parts clean.  This dual installation provides cleaning power to the internal equipment and the downstream duct system reducing microbials and other contaminants. The probe in the return air plenum eliminates the need for germicidal lamps shining on the evaporator coils. 

Factors listed below should be considered when properly sizing the product to an indoor living environment:

* Number of Occupants
* Pets or Animals
* Landscape Features
* Carpeting vs. Tile vs. Wood Flooring
* Leather vs. Fabric Furniture
* Draperies
* Air Flow and Ventilation
* Placement of Supply Registers
* Number and Placement of Return Registers
* Recent Renovations or Additions
* Use of the Building (Commercial/Residential)
* Majority Age of Occupants
* Air Infiltration Concerns
* Nature of the Contents
* Building Use by Hours
* Cleaning Schedule and Maintenance
* Turnover Traffic Level
* Type of Ductwork

An opening of 4” diameter will need to be cut into the existing duct work to install the unit properly.  The unit is powered by connection to 24VAC (not thermostat circuit) from HVAC System or 24VDC from 100-240VAC transformer (included).

Product Support / Repair / Warranty:  Please either file a support ticket or call 1.800.728.7206

MCI™ SynAIRgPure 2.0 is effective against a wide range of contaminants in both the air and on surfaces. This technology does not replace the need for any regularly scheduled cleaning maintenance.

Cells are replaced annually but the quad-metallic target plate is warranted for the life of the probe against manufacturer defects. The ballast carries a 3-year limited warranty that can be extended to 5 years with purchase of the Enhanced Warranty.  

The UV Lamp Operation Indicators on the face of the unit will glow when the unit is in use. The cell and ionization module are working when the indicator lights are on.  However, even though the UV Light Lamp Operation Indication remains lit, we recommend every two years replacements for optimal performance.  If the unit has power (Unit Operation Indicator) but the UV Lamp Operation Indicator does not glow, the PCO Cell needs replacing.  

EPA No. 87947-AR-1

NOTICE: This product Does not meet California air cleaner regulation (AB 2276) requirements: cannot be shipped to California.

For Product Support/Repair:  Please file a support ticket or call 1.800.728.7206



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