Use pureAir500 to keep every room in your home or office fresh and clean!

The pureAir 500 is designed to purify the air and surfaces in an individual room using three advanced technologies (activated oxygen (ozone), ionization, and HEPA carbon filtration) to reduce mold, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and other indoor air contaminants, including odors from pets, cooking, and smoking. These technologies help to sanitize everything in the air, embedded in walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, clothing, on countertops and other surfaces.

pureAir 500’s operation is just as simple as its design; choose the continuous setting for a constant clean or use the burst settings’ automatically timed increases in purification to deal with tougher odors.

3 Advanced Technologies

Activated Oxygen

  • Activated oxygen attaches itself to contaminants at the molecular level, destroying them.
  • This process eliminates the contaminant while reverting the activated oxygen back to oxygen.


  • Creating a plasma of electrical charges, ionization removes allergens and other harmful pathogens from the breathing space, either by pushing them away or causing them to clump together and fall to the floor.

HEPA Carbon Filtration

  • HEPA filters are better at removing bigger, physical particles like pollen, dust mites, mold, and other allergens.
  • Carbon filters are better at removing odors, smoke, and other gaseous particles.
Features & Benefits
  • Cleans Air & Surfaces Throughout Your Home
    • Unlike filters that only affect air passing through them, pureAir500 delivers powerful purification to the sources of pollution inside your home, both in the air and on surfaces, easily covering 500 square feet of open space.
  • Bring Nature's Purification Indoors
    • Replicating the way Nature keeps the air clean in Earth's forests and mountains, pureAir500 transforms your stale indoor air into fresh, healthy air for you and your family to breathe.  Enjoy the smell of freshness without expensive and toxic fragrances.
  • Eliminates Bacteria, Viruses, Odors, Mold, and Mildew
    • Utilizing three proven air purification technologies, pureAir500 significantly reduces all types of germs and fungus as well as eliminating odors of all kinds, including those from pets, cooking, and smoking.
  • Removes Allergens from Your Breathing Space
    • Your home should be a refuge from all that ails you, allergens included.  The ionic power of pureAir500 causes allergens to clump together until they are heavy enough to fall out of the breathing space and be swept up or caught in your HVAC filter.
Product Specifications

Ideal for spaces up to 850 square feet*.

*Based on average ceiling height of 8.5' and open floor plan and/or adjoining rooms for single level dwelling.

  • Ozone Output: 200 mg/hr (30 minute auto-shutoff)
  • Ionization: >1 Million/cm3
  • Effective Area of 650-850 ft2
  • Dimensions:: 9.00″ H (229mm) x 6.25″ W (159mm) x 6.25″ D (159mm)
  • Weight: 26 oz (737g)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Voltage: 100V-240V; 50/60 Hz
  • Input: 12V DC
  • Power Consumption: 10.0 W
  • Dimensions: 11.0″ H (280mm) x 7.50″ W (190mm) x 7.50″ D (190mm)
  • Weight: 36.8 oz (1.04kg)


$ 179.00