Replacement Filter: KHAOS™ 3-way HEPA


Replacement Filter: KHAOS™ 3-way HEPA

The 3-way HEPA-Grade filter for KHAOS™ is a MERV16 replaceable 3-way filter to capture particulates, with activated carbon for odors

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) is a type of air filter consisting of an interwoven matrix of densely packed fibers that create a very small pathway for air to travel through.  This net of fibers captures microscopic particulates and filters them out of the air you breathe which ultimately helps improve indoor air quality.   

HEPA filters collect harmful microscopic particles that come from things like combustion smoke, smog, and diesel exhaust.  Because of their small size, these particles can go deep into your lungs as you breathe. By contrast, larger particles (such as the pollen that aggravates your allergies) can be captured by your body's own filtration system (i.e., your nose and throat) rather than going into your lungs. That's why HEPA filtration is so critical to capturing those microscopic particles.


  • Multi-layer filter w/catalyst:  Hepa MERV16 + Carbon + Pre-filter @ *CADR 300 m³/hr 
  • Replaceable 3-way filter to capture particulates
    • Pre-Filter captures large particles such as dust, hair, lint, pet fur
    • Activated Carbon odor filtration reduces household odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds)/gases such as smoke, pollution odors, cooking fumes, pet odors
    • HEPA-Grade MERV 16 filter removes airborne particles such as allergens, pollen, dust, germs, pet dander, odor, mold spores, and smoke from air that passes through the filter 
  • Indicator signals filter change (vacuum quarterly, replace annually)
    • The filter icon on the top control panel lights up when the cumulative working time of 2000h are detected 

It is important to clean/replace the HEPA filter periodically, to keep the KHAOS™ unit in working condition. Generally, you can clean* your replaceable HEPA filter about once every three to four months and replace it annually. 

  • Clean the HEPA pre-filter about once every three to four months of constant use by using the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to gently remove dust and debris.
  • Replace the HEPA filter every 2000 hours or about every 12 months of constant use.  When the cumulative working time of 2000h are detected by the KHAOS™ the filter icon on the control panel lights up, indicating your filter needs to be changed/replaced.
  • RESET: After cleaning or replacing with a new filter, press and hold the filter button on the control panel for 5 seconds to reset

** NEVER use water or any household cleaners or detergents to clean the HEPA filter.  Liquids like water and soap will break down the soft fibers inside the filter media and ruin it.

** We also do not recommend using compressed air to clean filters under any circumstances. To ensure no damage is done to the filter media, the pressure of the compressed air would have to be so low it would be ineffective at cleaning.


We recommend replacing the HEPA filter every 12 months of constant use. 

To make this easy, we offer a subscription service, where you can choose to have the replacement filter automatically shipped to you every 12 months, or the duration of your choice!

Simply check the box below to opt-in and tell us how often you want a replacement.

You will receive a filter today at the price shown below, and your credit card information will be retained on file. In 12 months (or the duration you choose), your card will automatically be charged and a replacement filter will automatically be shipped to you.

You can manage, make changes, and cancel your subscription anytime in "My BackOffice."


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