3" MCI DBI Cell


3" MCI DBI Cell

Keep your air purification products running at peak efficiency with regular maintenance and replacement parts.

The DBI cell (Dielectric Barrier Ionizer) produces aggressive ionized oxidizers (without producing ozone) and multi-clustered ions that are then distributed throughout the indoor environment to clean air and surfaces.  While great for eliminating odors, it also eliminates germs, fungus, and allergens, and breaks down more than 200 hazardous chemicals. 

This is the replacement DBI cell used in the following units: MCI™22K, MCI PureSynAIRg™MCI™ BREEZE fanMCI SynAIRgPure™ HVAC Probes (20K/30K, 24K, 40K models), MCI SynAIRgPure™ Mini 4, MCI™ PROTECTAIR, MCI™ SanitizAIR Curtain. 


  • DBI Cell Part #: BLSAIO3CELL
  • Power consumption (W): 1.5 watts
  • Input Voltage (V): DC 12 volts
  • Ozone negligible (Ozone is produced during the ionizing process but not more than what is produced by ceiling fans, copiers, or other electrical equipment)


Cleaning & Replacement  Turn the unit OFF and remove the POWER CORD before performing any cleaning or maintenance to prevent injury. Review the Disassembly and Assembly Section of your owners manual before performing and cleaning and maintenance to prevent damage to the unit. All parts must be properly reinstalled before operating the unit. Failure to do so may damage the unit.

DISASSEMBLY: Locate the DBI CELL inside the unit at the front right side of the unit’s interior. Gently push the DBI CELL into it’s POWER CONNECTOR and rotate until it slightly ejects, then remove.

CLEANING: Using compressed air or a vacuum, blow/suck the dust out of the DBI Cell.

In some harsh environments, the DBI cell may accumulate a coating of toxins that will reduce the production of cluster ions. These can be cleaned by removing the cell from the unit, removing and then soaking the metal screen in an enzyme bath, wiping down the surface of the glass with an enzyme cleaner* and then allowing it to dry. Once dry, reassemble and reinstall.

REASSEMBLY: Gently slide the DBI CELL into the POWER CONNECTOR, located on the right edge of the interior, then push and rotate until it locks into place.

REPLACEMENT: DBI Cells do wear out and should be replaced every three (3) years or when the blue LED signal lamp extinguishes, whichever comes first.  


$ 135.00