3" MCI DBI Cell with Socket Combo (12v)


3" MCI DBI Cell with Socket Combo (12v)

MCI™ 3" DBI Cell/socket combo replacement

  • MCI™ 3" DBI Cell with the socket included. 
  • This DBI socket wiring is DC12Vto DC12V (red cord)
  • The DBI cell produces aggressive ionized oxidizers (without producing ozone) and mult-clustered ions are then distributed throughout the indoor environment to clean air and surfaces.  Eliminates germs and fungus, Removes odors, Breaks down more than 200 hazardous chemicals   


    • Power consumption (W): 1.5 watts
    • Input Voltage (V): DC 12 volts
    • Ozone negligible (Ozone is produced during the ionizing process but not more than what is produced by ceiling fans, copiers, or other electrical equipment)

    DBI Cells should be replaced every three (3) years or when the blue LED signal lamp extinguishes, whichever comes first.  


$ 251.00