Replacement Ozone Plate: pureAir3000


Replacement Ozone Plate: pureAir3000

4"x4" High-Frequency Ceramic Purification Plate.

Keep your pureAir 3000 whole-home air purifier running at its peak performance level by replacing the purification plate when necessary.  Refer to the original pureAir 3000 owner's manuals for detailed instructions.


This HIGH frequency ceramic air purification plate is compatible with a range of air purification equipment that uses corona discharge as its ozone producing mechanism. This includes the following units:

  • EcoQuest Fresh Air 1.0
  • EcoQuest Fresh Air 1.5
  • EcoQuest Fresh Air 2.0
  • EcoQuest Fresh Air 2.5
  • activTek AP3000
  • GreenTech GT3000
  • BLS MCI32K

Part #PLATE-HF-01

How to Tell if It's Working

When the air purifier is on, the purification plate can be detected by smell when the unit is not set on PCO mode.  

Turn the lights off in the room and look through the front grille at the purification plate. When it is operating properly, the purification plate will produce a dim purple glow.

When/How to Clean

Using white vinegar or a solution of equal parts warm water and clear ammonia, soak the purification plate for 8-10 hours but do not exceed 12 hours. Using a soft-bristle brush, scrub the wire mesh to remove debris. Rinse thoroughly. Allow the purification plate to dry completely before reinstalling. Use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean the contacts on the interior of the purifier that touch the purification plate.

Removing:  Grasp the purification plate on the ceramic portion and gently pull it out of the grooves on the sides.

Installing:  Holding the purification plate by the ceramic portion, slowly insert it into the purification plate slot, ensuring that the purification plate is sliding into the grooves on either side.

  • NOTE: About halfway in, the purification plate connectors are parted. Continue sliding the purification plate into the purification plate slot until there is approximately one inch of the purification plate remaining outside of the purification plate slot and significant resistance is met.
  • Be careful not to force the purification plate further into the purification plate slot as this could seriously damage your unit.

NOTE;  NO exchange or return on parts sold for used machines.  To facilitate a proper repair of your air purifier or insure that the proper part is being installed in your machine, please contact BLS Service Center at 855.855.6070 where you may evaluate the advantages of the BLS Enhanced Warranty and have your product properly serviced.


$ 30.00