Replacement PCO Cell for Stand Alone Unit


Replacement PCO Cell for Stand Alone Unit

This PCO cell consists of a standard non-ozone producing UV bulb surrounded by a honeycomb target plate, and is used in the BLS12K, MCI22K, and MCI PureSynAIRg stand-alone air purification units.  Also compatible with the GreenTech GT1500/pureAir1500 units. 

  • MCI (multi-cluster ionization) technology but has NO OZONE
  • Inner non-ozone UV bulb 
  • Quad-Metallic properties of the honeycomb help to increase the ionization process 
  • Exclusive triangle PCO cell design for better air flow and distribution

The PCO Cell does wear out and should be replaced at least once per year of constant use (9,000+ hours) or when the inner bulb has gone out, whichever occurs first.

PCO Cell Specifications: Normal Mode Output: < 0.02 ppm ozone (ambient room concentration)  


The PCO Cell is one of the parts covered by the one year BLS Standard WarrantyAn Enhanced Warranty is also available for purchase.

To facilitate a proper repair of your air purifier or ensure that the proper part is being installed in your machine, please either file a support ticket or call 1.800.728.7206

NOTE: No exchange or return on parts sold for used machines.


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