Replacement PCO Cell: pureAir3000


Replacement PCO Cell: pureAir3000

Keep your pureAir 3000 whole-home air purifier running at its peak performance level by replacing the PCO cell after one (1) year of continuous operation (9,000 hours). 

  • The PCO cell relies upon ultraviolet (UV) energy to power the catalytic reaction. Over time, the UV energy output degrades. For this reason, the PCO cell should be replaced after one (1) year of continuous operation (9,000 hours) regardless of the presence of the "replace cell" maintenance reminder.
  • When "replace cell" appears, the PCO cell has stopped functioning (burned out) and must be replaced.

This is a standard non-ozone producing UV bulb surrounded by a honeycomb target plate in an extruded aluminum housing utilizing thumb screw and plug-in installation.  Please refer to the original pureAir 3000 owner's manuals for detailed maintenance instructions. 


This 6" PCO Cell is compatible with the following stand-alone air purification units:

  • activTek AP3000
  • BLS MCI32K
  • EcoQuest Fresh Air 2.0 and 2.1
  • GreenTech GT3000
  • Vollara Fresh Air Surround



NOTICE:  NO exchange or return on parts sold for used machines.  To facilitate a proper repair of your air purifier or insure that the proper part is being installed in your machine, please contact BLS Service Center at 855.855.6070 where you may evaluate the advantages of the BLS Enhanced Warranty and have your product properly serviced.


$ 100.00