Certificate of Sanitization PLUS


Certificate of Sanitization PLUS

NORMI Certificate of Sanitization PLUS

Once you’ve received the NORMI Certificate of Sanitization™ evidencing a reduced contamination level as a result of implementation of the approved sanitization protocol, you have the option to purchase this CoS Package to receive the NORMI Healthier Home Warranty™ for one full year.

This option assumes that within the first (30) thirty days after the sanitization project has been completed, you have incorporated “Mold-Free Checklist" into your scheduled maintenance program and have, as a result, maintained the HVAC coverage area in a normal/expected level of contamination.

The NORMI Healthier Home Warranty assures that the indoor air quality of the HVAC coverage area has been maintained at a low level of microbial contamination as evidenced by an AirAnswers βGlucan test, showing no active fungal growth.  This package provides the CoS PLUS, should be purchased for each HVAC coverage area that will be covered by the NORMI Healthier Home Warranty™ and includes the following items:

1 - KHOAS Air Purifier

1 - uHoo Air Quality Monitor

1 - AirAnswers βGlucan test

1 Year - NORMI Healthier Home Warranty™ Coverage


$ 1,574.00