Normal/Expected Range


Normal/Expected Range

If NO βGlucan is Present

Based on one AirAnswers βGlucan test per HVAC coverage area completed prior to approval for the 3-Year Renewable NORMI Healthier Home Warranty™, if NO βGlucan is present, you may purchase this 3-Year Renewable NORMI Healthier Home Warranty™ assuring that the indoor air quality of the HVAC coverage area will maintain at a low level for a period of three years. 

Because the warranty relies on your participation, and to assist you in keeping the indoor air quality pristine, you should incorporate the Mold-Free Checklist and the Touchpoint Scheduled Maintenance plan into your scheduled maintenance program.  This package should be purchased for each HVAC coverage area that will be covered by the NORMI Healthier Home Warranty™ and includes the following items:

  • 3 - KHAOS Replacement Filters
  • 1 - 3” MCI DBI Cell
  • 1 - BLS Everyday Enzyme Cleaner with Spray Bottle
  • 1 - BacShield Protectant (with touchpoint scheduled maintenance plan)
  • 3 - AirAnswers βGlucan test (completed at the end of each year)*
  • 3 Years - NORMI Healthier Home Warranty™ Coverage

*One AirAnswers test will be shipped to you for completion on each anniversary (prepaid shipping both ways).


$ 1,600.00